No major still camera makers make POV cameras. Why?

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GoPro's days are numbered IMO

jedinstvo wrote:

GoPro cameras are being used by people totally outside the usual camera enthusiast circles. I bought mine at REI, first time I ever bought a camera from them. I doubt we'll see a legitimate lawsuit. GoPro has defined a market which did not exist before they came along. Every time I use mine I'm amazed at the quality from such a compact and inexpensive device.

I have yet to see any practical comparison where the Sony Action Cam hasn't looked better than the GoPro. When you look at the direct comparisons on YouTube, the Sony always looks clearer and sharper. I've, in fact, challenged people on other forums to show me one comparison video where the GoPro looks better. This even extends to the black edition with its "4K video". I use the quotes because it's 4K video in name only.

Resolution tests have shown this 4K video to be no better than its 1080p. It just takes up a lot more space.

Then there's the image stabilization on the Sony, which is actually highly effective. No such thing on the GoPro, and I'm not convinced they'll ever be able to compete with Sony on this front.

Then there's the low light performance. Sony has a proven sensor in their action cam (same as on the HX100V and HX9V). GoPro has no chance to compete unless they buy from Sony. Every low light comparison has shown the Sony ahead.

And the final nail is GoPro's massive QC issues with their Hero 3.

I'm simply doing this as a public service to steer people away from a losing product that happens to have a good reputation. It's been my observation that intelligent, thoughtful observations on this forum (or any forum for this matter) are often ignored for conventional, but incorrect, wisdom. This is indeed the reason why I think it's pretty rare for original and creative thinkers to become regulars on online forums. No offense to anyone.

But, again, the challenge is open to anyone to prove that the GoPro is even competitive. If no one can meet the challenge on this forum (as they failed to on the other forums I frequent), the logical conclusion is that my observations are correct.

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