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Re: 1 stop improvement

Archer66 wrote:

lesterbh wrote:

As far as the claimed 1dB dynamic range improvement

Link ?

I do recall seeing an earlier post that made a reference to a purported comment by one of the people that had their hands on a pre-production unit, so I never saw a statement by Sony with this claim.  I just searched this forum for that post but found nothing, however I could have read it on another forum.  So to be clear, the 1dB improved dynamic range is only a rumor as far as I know, but the improved adaptive noise reduction for JPEG's (with darker blacks) seems to be not a rumor.  Read the product announcement at TechChrunch.com for yourself and don't take my word.

I am actually not so much interested in this any more because it seems to be a processor feature not an advance in the actual sensor. This feature is apparently first appeared as a part of the new Bionz processer in the A99 camera, and the new Bionz processor in the A58 also seems to have inherited this feature.  I think it was a response to all of the negative press concerning the heavy handed noise reduction used in creating JPEG's in the previous models.

I personally do not like the JPEG output of the A37 at higher ISO's, so I shoot RAW and handle the noise reduction with Neat Image instead.  So perhaps I might be happier with the JPG's out of the A58 at high ISO in comparison, too soon to tell without some professional reviews to go by.


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