7,000+ in one Photoshop File for Print

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Re: 7,000+ in one Photoshop File for Print

JJMacks wrote:

You did not include any information on size or Aspect Ratios. You just stated you wanted Landscape and Portraits keep their orientation and do not state if they could be rotated so all images could printed the same size and aspect ratio where images that do not have the print aspect ratio will be a center crop of the image.

7,000 images printed wallet size like 2"x3" would be like 80' of roll paper 44" wide document. If it 300 DPI that will be 13,200 pixels by 287,100 pixels = 3,789,720,000 pixel total. If Photoshop can handle that many pixels and your computer is up to the task and images can be rotated so all can be tiled into the same size print you could try using my Photoshop script PasteImageRoll


I'm not sure what size yet.  I may want it wall size or i may want it 24x30 with very small images (maybe not all 7,000).  I was just curious if there was an easy way to do it.  But i feel that I may have to do it by hand and may need a faster computer to handle a couple thousand layers. time to go shopping, i guess.  will see what happens.  and I will let you know how it goes.


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