collapsible background vs backrgound stand with muslin

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Re: collapsible background vs backrgound stand with muslin

kyumin wrote:


I'll check local fabric store!

and I found that I'll go with 6 x 9 muslin for this time. I found that It's fine for full length shot or

2 people group shot also.

I might have a session next week so If I got it before then, I'll write a short review about it.

I started with a 65"x12' length of black synthetic fabric from a fabric store and found it wasn't long enough to make shooting standing portraits easy. If I got the backdrop high enough that I could shoot up slightly to make the subject appear taller then there wasn't enough fabric on the floor to allow the subject to be 6' from the background.

A subject to background distance of 6' far enough to keep shadows from the subject from falling on the background - even with a black background that should be avoided.  Having about 8'-10' of background fabric or paper on the floor is important since it allows you to easily place the subject on the background fabric.

I added another 6' to my background cloth but sometimes I have to retouch the seam in post processing.  I recommend you buy your strips of fabric at least 18" long if you want to use them for standing portraits.

Occasionally the black fabric will show up as very dark gray but I can usually fix that in post processing without much effort.  If you can afford it then buy velveteen fabric, which really absorbs light.

With fabric you have to watch out for wrinkles - removing them in post processing is extra work you can avoid if the background is wrinkle free.  The fabric can also bunch up around the feet of the subjects, which means that their feet won't look right.  One solution is to place a 4'x8' sheet of black tileboard or 1/8" clear acrylic plastic on the floor.  The better solution is the tileboard since it is cheaper and the acrylic plastic scratches easily.  Zack Arias uses white tileboard for seamless white but it can also be found in black.

Zack Arias - White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 1 :: Gear & Space

Zack Arias - White Seamless Questons Video

By the way, if you do seamless white the above reference is a great one, just don't overexpose the background by more than 1 stop if your model is only 6' from the background.  I keep my background at +0.6 ± 0.2 stop to keep light from the background causing the edges of the subject to be overexposed.

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