Landscape with SX50 HS

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Re: Landscape with SX50 HS

Wulfhere wrote:

As you can see from this image, the background is kind of washed out. Maybe this what makes me focus on the subject (which is nice and clear). What settings should I have had so that the background is... less so out of focus, enough for definition but not so much for distraction? DOF, landscape...a mode missing from the SX50 HS. I own both the SX40 HS and the SX50 HS. I keep the SX40 HS because, basically.. love the camera. I bought the SX50 HS for the zoom. What and where do I make the settings so that this photo has background definition? PS. Love both cameras, still a novice.

DOF is controlled by the aperture. You need to close the aperture down (a larger number) to increase the DOF. In this example, I'm not sure I would want to do that. You really want your eye drawn to the main subject.


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