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Re: 7n has a TOUCH SCREEN ! ( so what ... )

pede59 wrote:

u we wrote:

FINALLY they got it!

The missing touchscreen prevented me from upgrade 5N->6. With this I'm sure to go for it.

Looking forward!

I am not quite sure i understand the enthusiasm for the touch screen on a camera where the EVF is a major component. I thought that the 5N (or 5R now) is great if you do not want to work with an EVF.

To be clear - to me it is not a problem if they give the 7N a touch screen, in particular if there are options how to use it. It is just not one of the features that i would put near the top of my list. The one area where i would hope Sony is making big progress is the AF. From a handling perspective in my POV it is more important to go to RX100 style menus than implementing a touch screen

+1. I totally agree. I use EVF unless I can't, so there's not much chance to use LCD for MF assist. I don't mind having a touchscreen, as long as it doesn't drive up the price even more.

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