Skip the D600 and D800 - Buy the D700

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Re: The D700 works...Out Of The Box..

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I've been watching Ebay and it's really strange, d700 is going from $1400 to over $2,000. Some have grips and accessories, some not and doesn't impact price much. It does appear they are coming down somewhat though as I've been watching for 3 weeks. Low feedback/any negative feedback tanks price by several hundred dollars.

It took six months of off and on phone calls to Nikon Service in Canada before they had a refurbished D700 for sale. They did have them before that, but they told me there were always calls for a good used D700 and they got snapped up before they could ever advertise them. so it was something of a lottery - phone and see if there was on in that day.

The other think I personally notice in my neck of the woods - and your mileage may and can vary - is that on local want ads - Kijiji, criagslist, etc, I do occasionally see used D600s and used D800s, but in the past year only one used D700, and the guy wanted big bucks for it - about $1,800 or 1,900 Cdn, and right now, Cdn, US and Auzzie dollars are pretty close on par. That was a well used one too, with a high shutter count, no gurantees.

bottom line is, after a few months with my D700, I would not give it up for either a D800 or a D600. Even if you offered me a brand new D800 or D600 for my used D700 as a straight trade, I would not do it. If I won a lottery this weekend, I would not give up my D700. I might buy a D4 in that case,:) , but I still would keep the D700 as a backup. If some of you cannot understand why, then I doubt any one of us here could explain it.

I see used D600 and D800s all over the place at insanely low prices but rarely see a used D700.

.......The D600 and D800 need a little TLC...... and a trip or two to Nikon Service....before they will work.


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