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Re: should I trust

Good god!  Thanks for posting this story!  It's the way things are done by numerous shady outfits in the NYC area.  They're con-men peddling chinese crap to the unsuspecting who want to save a few dollars.

Your story is more pitiable, however, for the sheer amount you were ripped-off for!  You're the unlucky mark robbed blind - illegally I might add - but they're safe hiding behind the distance that exists between you and the thieves.

There's nothing you can do and that's just the shame of it - so best just not look back, and consider it a lesson learned - and realize that in just two years' time it'll all be a wash and you'll be richer for it.

Don't be buying from any store you don't feel one hundred percent confident in - and remember the maxim - if it's too good to be true, it is - but moreover, if it is true, someone else is the victim.

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