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Re: G1X has stitch assist mode

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Scott,

I know this is slightly off the your question about the camera's speed, but no-one has mentioned that the G1X has a stitch assist mode which allows up to 26 shot stitches.

The camera doesn't do the stitch - it sets it up and the stitch itself is done in the Canon software. I'm not a panorama shooter and haven't tried it. I can't compare it to other software for the same reason. The camera manual confirms that it sets the exposure and WB, and indicates that it helps determine the alignment for stitching. It doesn't say how. It must be doing something because it requires you to set the direction of the pan.

I'm not sure if that helps you at all - but perhaps it's extra info that might be useful. I can certainly recommend the G1X as a very reliable, glitch free travel camera with excellent IQ. I no longer take my DSLR kit and have found the G1X IQ to be so close that it doesn't matter. Limitations : It will do macro with a close-up lens but action subjects are its real Achilles heel. In travel, that usually doesn't matter so much.

Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod,

A backup/lightweight travel camera is exactly what I'm looking at. I have a Panny GX1 with a 20/1.7 which is compact and has really pretty good IQ (and operationally, it's fast) but on this road trip I'm planning on visiting a couple of famous caves, plus some air & space museums. Previously I have found that the dim lighting and cramped conditions (especially in caves) makes both IS and a zoom essential. The collapsible Panny zoom is not that great and has blur issues (nowhere near as good as the zoom on the G1X) and with the 14-45 OS (the best of the affordable mFT zooms) it's no longer "compact", as far as I'm concerned. And as you say, carrying a DSLR with a decent zoom attached wears pretty thin after a while - especially on long hikes.

I've never tried the stitch mode in Canon's software. I'll have to give it a go - 26 frames is a lot! I've been using  "photomerge" in PS CS3 (yeah except for Lightroom I'm kind of behind the times on not-free software ;)) and getting good results with that so long as the colorspace is set to ProPhotoRGB 16-bit (it's amazing the difference it made to removing stitching artifacts in blue skies).

Looks like a G1X is in my future after all


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