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Re: Why do I post here?

RonJG wrote:

sfa1966 wrote:

RonJG wrote:

I would seriously like to better understand the Sigma cameras I own, (SD1M, SD15 and DP2M). I have problems with all three of them with weird and inconsistent colours, weird and inconsistent exposure and strange jaggies and purple/green splotches in shadow detail.

I'm told I'm either mad or just stirring up trouble with I ask questions or am told that there is nothing wrong with my gear, that all the problems are either in my head or my fault.

Just wondering: Have you ever posted any examples of the various troubles you have had?

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Why then don't you point sfa1966 to a single image you have posted here with any of the three Sigma cameras or the D800E which you own?

I can't find a single instance of any Sigma images you have posted on dPReview. I asked you to photograph a simple water glass with each of your Sigma cameras and your D800E and post links to the RAW images and you ignored the request.

Yet you continually tell others who frequently post images from their Sigma cameras what is wrong with them, or more accurately what you "think" is wrong with them. You do this in an arrogant and condescending manner. Until you demonstrate that you actually use these cameras, you will have no credibility with me at all. Frankly, I don't believe you have any of them. I will immediately apologize to you if and when you demonstrate the veracity of your claims. From what I've seen of your captures on the Fuji forum and from your posts there, I'm also not impressed with the knowledge of photography which you profess. You argue with photographers who have credibility and who have demonstrated their competence and your favorite comment is "ha, ha, ha, ha" - that's real impressive! When you can't justify your opinion, you laugh.

Man up and show us some images if you have the equipment and then perhaps people might take you seriously.


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