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Re: Why do I post here?

BobNL wrote:

So why do you post here? I failed to find the answer in your post.

Instead of using the word Sigmafia etc so much. Maybe just ask if anyone could help you out, might work.

So what are exactly the problems you have? Make list with clear description and we'll see what some of us can offer to help. Just one warning; so many people, so many opinions. And a lot of people do not really excel in the art of diplomacy

Hello Bob

I responded to your message last night, but it didn't go through for some reason.

I've mentioned the problems I'm having on any number of occasions and all I've really received back is "It's not the camera", or the advice has been so patronising as to be immediately dismissed.

I don't have time for diplomacy which is nothing more than institutrionalised lying, designed to hide one's true feelings, beliefs or opinions. I spent too many years too close to too many governments to know that.

Thank you for your suggestion though. It's appreciated.

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