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ChromeLight wrote:

RonJG wrote:

I would seriously like to better understand the Sigma cameras I own, (SD1M, SD15 and DP2M). I have problems with all three of them with weird and inconsistent colours, weird and inconsistent exposure and strange jaggies and purple/green splotches in shadow detail.

I'm told I'm either mad or just stirring up trouble with I ask questions or am told that there is nothing wrong with my gear, that all the problems are either in my head or my fault.

The "help" I have received here has either been non existent or has been of such patronising quality it was immediately dismissed.

This forum is NOT a terribly helpful place to be if you fall out with the SigMafia, or if one of the SigMafia decides you are not worthy. One step out of line and the dog pack is released. Pretty disgusting behaviour I must say.

Anyhoo - I'm certainly no quitter and I will continue to try to get these Sigma things working at something approaching an acceptable level.

I will also continue to offer honest and open oipinion on posted pictures and I will continue challenging those persons I feel are being less than open or honest with their comments. If honest comments are not received at Sigma headquarters, problems will never be fixed. The 12 years or so of the purple/green splotches is testament to that.

Go your damndest, Sigmafia. I ain't leaving voluntarily.

Not sure what you mean by weird and inconsistent colors.

The white balance is never consistent. Take 6 photos within seconds of each other of the same subject in the same light and you gill get 6 differing colour responses and six different exposures.

As Michael Reichman said the Foveon colors are like 1970s Astia. I rather like it. The source of your light is important, as is picking the right white balance and then further refinement with the color wheel. Inconsistent, yes. Uncorrectable, not really.

Weird exposure? Yup. It takes huge resources and decades of proprietary refinement to come up with a world class AE module. Nikon and Canon have them. Sigma never will.

I have been using an old hand-held Gossen light meter to try to counter the exposure problems. It doesn't totally solve the problem. I seriously think there is something in the electronic circuitry that either over-heats or needs time to "recharge" between shots. Even using the Gossen in controlled light, the output from the camera can vary.

I think the 'jaggies' turn up in European architecture. We don't have that much of a problem if you shoot US buildings.

Purple/green splotches are called noise. If you shoot at +.7 exposure compensation it will help. I don't take Foveon cameras over ISO 400. In high contrast situations where you are preserving highlights you will still tend to underexpose dark areas and might get the noise.

Tried that and to highlights are then blown and look dreadful when recovered.

To be honest, if these things bother you I would just keep one Foveon camera and use a D800 for your more general work. Use the Foveon for those times when you know you will be shooting within the 'performance envelope' of the Foveon camera--i.e., good natural light. Use a bayer camera for everything else. I used to have an SD9, SD14 and an SD1. (I regret selling my SD1.) I miss the Foveon colors.

When the Sigma gets it right, it gets it spectacularly right. That is what annoys me. If it can get it right occasionally, why is it so damned difficult to make the results consistent.

Complaining about Foveon is like complaining that Suzuki doesn't make a two door convertible turbo charged car. You're right. They don't, and they never will. So move on to Porsche and stop complaining.

I have invested quite heavily into the Sigma system and am no quitter. I WILL get this sorted out. Sigma need to take ownership of some of the problems but they don't  see the problems reported very often, if ever, because the zealots deny there are problems. That gets my goat somewhat.

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