SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

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Re: SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

I use both four thirds And Sony systems professionally.Some weeks I think the E5 & 35-100 F2 is an unbeatable combination,next week I consider selling everything else except sony system.Its a very tough choice with no clear winner.I have recently purchased the A77 with matching 16-50 2.8 lens due to its outstanding value for money at the moment.Its more fun to use than the e5 and makes a better family/travel all roundcamera.Low light ability is no better than E5 though.I wouldnt use this camera with the Zeiss 24-70 which i own,too big,heavy & cumbersome for general use,professional use for me only .Quality wise the Zeiss compared to the olm 12-60 is a tough call.the Zeiss can have that extra special color,3D rendering and biting sharpness but It can also look harsh & hard sometimes and isnt particularly sharp wide open & in corners.12-60 is sharp at any apeture and any condition,less contrasty than zeiss but more subtle in tone with better shadow details in dark tones.

I have lots of other legacy Zeiss glass & olympus HG and my general feeling between the two is that I cannot decide which i prefer.Zeiss generally excells with 3D pop & color & biting SHARPNESS at optimal apetures.I guess Zeiss does at times give you a bit more of a unique look,however that look sometimes doesnt always work for the better.Images can sometimes be just too contrasty & harsh.You may see some purple fringing with certain Zeiss lenses,something Ive never seen with olympus digital lenses Ive used.Olympus lenses are more usuable at any apeture,dust & moisture sealed and smaller than equivalent Zeiss,more subtle rendering,sharp over entire frame,more subtle and delicate color & IMO better value for money.If you do get the A77 without the 16-50 2.8 which I can reccomend,consider the Zeiss 16-80,much more portable,affordable and focal length better matched toAPSC sensor.If you loved & used the live view on your 330,I also own that camera,you wont be too impressed with live on  the E5,a step backward.Sonys A 77 live view is the best around.Bottom line ,I wouldnt buy an E5 for personal use as I just think its too big & complicated as a general use camera,as a professional tool I love it though.ITs replacement might change all that though.If your buying a camera purley for photography only assignments and not an everyday camera,then the E 5 to use with your 12-60 makes alot of sense.I wouldnt choose any sony & Zeiss combo over this unless you want everyday use/portability in which case I would go for A77 & 16-50 2.8 combo,that comb can be had for$1200.00 at the moment,hope this helps,cheers.

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