Can focus peaking be trusted?

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Re: Can focus peaking be trusted?

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Jeff Kott wrote:

Focus peaking can also be useful with autofocus as it can give you a strong indication as to whether the AF has put focus where you want it.

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Jeff Kott

Agreed, but I have not experienced back-focusing much in several years. Rather than relying on peaking, in most of the occasions where I use E-mount lenses I rather set the Nex to DMF. A little twist on the focus ring tells me if I am correctly focused, and if I am not, I restart AF.


This just shows there are many different ways to use focus peaking.

Most of the time, I use MF lenses on my Nex 7. The only AF lens I have is the 35/1.8 which I use for snaps of my daughter. Usually, she's moving around and I'm using AF on her waiting for just the right expression and don't have time to switch to magnified view or I'll miss the shot. In those instances, when I see the red glint around her eye from focus peaking at the same time she has the expression I want, I can push the shutter button and be very confident that the AF has focused correctly and I've nailed the shot.

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Jeff Kott

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