Need to choose between NEX5r and NEX6 tomorrow. Feedback welcomed!

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Re: Need to choose between NEX5r and NEX6 tomorrow. Feedback welcomed!

And these images are with the SELP1650 kit lens. It is much more like the lens from my compact. As the F number is higher, it produces generally sharper images. But that said, I had some trouble figuring out what modes would work better, and hastily switching from one mode to the other (enabling and disabling the thing one mode doesn't allow but the other does). Also, I think the FD lens images look more life like. Finally, objectively I selected more favorites for the FD lens than this one, while I had many more images with the kit lens (I did the kit lens last and only then enabled the setting to not auto-select the best image but keep all). Would it be to early to say that the kit lens allows me to shoot more images (because it is point-and-shoot), but the FD lens delivers me more "good" images per image taken?

One more thing, in small bright blue spots (lights) there is some clipping going on. I sometimes had Vivid on, perhaps it's a result of that? Anyway, I'm sure you all are better at reading EXIF, so I'll just leave it at that.

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