Tips for a new XE1 Owner?

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Re: Tips for a new XE1 Owner?

deednets wrote:

autoy wrote:

Three tips I wish someone told me before, but discovered after trial and error:

1- Best overall setting for 80% of the situations: DR Auto, ISO Auto 6400, Provia, Color +1, NR -1, Sharpness -2.

2- Use AF-C to focus fast and accurately in low light or with kids. It works. Otherwise, if you can take your time or have good light use AF-S.

3- Bounce the flash to the ceiling whenever possible, it tends to burn a good deal if not.

I find your suggestions highly questionable, because you give away a great deal of control, apparently you use *.jpg? Right? Provia settings are not transferred via RAW as I understand it? The X-E1 is in my opinion a bit of a wasted product when used in AUTO mode 80% of the time!

Not sure that to use AUTO is what BuddyR had in mind, I guess he uses Nikon SLR or has used it so AUTO *.jpg not often high on the list of current - or ex - DSLR users. But of course I might be wrong!

Of course you can use the Fuji in auto mode, on my first day with that camera I was a tad puzzled that I had such a wide array of ISO settings until I discovered that the camera was on auto-iso ... so this clearly wouldn#t work for me ever, but courses for horses, users are different and that's ok with me!



Of course I'm shooting JPG, the Fuji excels at this unlike Nikon or Canon. That doesn't mean I don't have a RAW copy besides when necessary. Those are my perfect JPG adjustments.

It also does not imply I'm using AUTO mode, as such thing does not even exist on X cameras*. Instead, I'm saying ISO, dynamic range and white balance are perfectly handled by the camera in most of the situations (again, unlike Nikons and Canons) so your can concentrate on the relevant composing and creative parameters such a as DOF, speed and exposure. That doesn't, again, mean the camera may always be spot on or that I want a certain unnatural effect with white balance. In that case I will be able to override them fast using another user parameter slot but the main one will always be for the mentioned settings in my case.

(*) Yes you can achieve a pseudo-AUTO mode engaging it on a per-parameter basis but it does not have a single AUTO switch than turns everything to AUTO. As such I don't consider it an automatic camera.

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