Disappointed with the 55-200

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Re: Disappointed with the 55-200

yitwave wrote:

I completely agree fuji is amazing on this regards. Have a think about this, when was the last time a company official pre-announced things well in advance for 1-2 yrs so buyers can time and plan for the x-mount / upgrade lenses?

Imagine if Android told you what they will launch over the next 2 years, and what phones will receive the updates, how fantastic would that be for the consumer

Or if Windows announced that Windows Blue, then Windows Orange etc will be announced, that all current win 8 buyers will get an upgrade, and that we'll offer at least these 10 features wouldn't that be fantastic?

Fuji has an excellently thought out group of lenses, after the trio, launching the zoom for consumer and the quality 14m wideangle to compensate for the slightly weaker 18mm and also listening to consumers with the R manual distance scope where this adds value!

Everyone should APPLAUD Fuji for pre-announcing, sticking to their plans AND listening to consumers (in addition to the great glass, lens build etc they are already offering).

You might argue though that this COULD potentially have been a more dynamic process, if this much time lies inbetween announcement and delivery!

An example? There is the 18mm pancake lens, a moderate wide angle that has now been covered by the IMO excellent 18-55. Admittedly there is an extra stop gained by the 18mm prime, but, honestly, how many potential buyers would get this lens after they already have the zoom?? (yes, I know there is another aspect to it, like the size, but is this enough?).

If I had to express an opinion regarding to what I personally would like, I would have thought that thinking slighly outside the square would have been more helpful than jumping onto the usual bandwagon e.g. a 55-135/3.5 (2.8 preferred, but then size might be an issue...). If somebody wanted to go beyong 200 on FF, I would think they would go DSLR anyway? 300mm mith an EVF?? Can be done but movement could be an issue there... Another lens I would have liked would be a slightly longer mid-range tele, like a 105/1.8 ...

Fujis lenses (check this out on EBAY) in particular the ones designed for ARRIFLEX show that Fuji is not a newbie when it comes to lens design. You don't want to rub too closely with average NEX and other offerings, if you are concerned about the uniqueness of your product ...



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