Tips for a new XE1 Owner?

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Re: Tips for a new XE1 Owner?

autoy wrote:

Three tips I wish someone told me before, but discovered after trial and error:

1- Best overall setting for 80% of the situations: DR Auto, ISO Auto 6400, Provia, Color +1, NR -1, Sharpness -2.

2- Use AF-C to focus fast and accurately in low light or with kids. It works. Otherwise, if you can take your time or have good light use AF-S.

3- Bounce the flash to the ceiling whenever possible, it tends to burn a good deal if not.

I find your suggestions highly questionable, because you give away a great deal of control, apparently you use *.jpg? Right? Provia settings are not transferred via RAW as I understand it? The X-E1 is in my opinion a bit of a wasted product when used in AUTO mode 80% of the time!

Not sure that to use AUTO is what BuddyR had in mind, I guess he uses Nikon SLR or has used it so AUTO *.jpg not often high on the list of current - or ex - DSLR users. But of course I might be wrong!

Of course you can use the Fuji in auto mode, on my first day with that camera I was a tad puzzled that I had such a wide array of ISO settings until I discovered that the camera was on auto-iso ... so this clearly wouldn#t work for me ever, but courses for horses, users are different and that's ok with me!



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