What camera is this? Is it a good deal?

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Re: You're looking for a film camera?

jedinstvo wrote:

If you are planning on shooting film I think you're crazy! Digital is so nice. But I confess, I still shoot film once in a while.

The Leicaflex was introduced in 1965 and at first was not widely accepted by photographers. The first model, which was called simply "Leicaflex," had some very peculiar features. However, the quality was absolute tops. Still, that's a 40 year old camera and nothing lasts forever. You might have to spend $400 to get it into good working condition. You might also have to spend nothing...there were two subsequent models of Leicaflex following the original. The Leicaflex SL came out in about 1967 and was an excellent camera. The SL2 was the last Leicaflex and is one of the best SLR cameras ever made. A wonderful camera. I used them in commercial work for at least 20 years. In 1975 or thereabouts Leica introduced the Leica R3 which is a reflex but no longer carried the Leicaflex name.

Sounds to me like you are new to photography. My advice is start with digital. There are reasons to shoot film but they are obscure. It's sort of an art student sort of thing now. If you're the heavily pierced, disturbed looking young man at the corner table in the cafe, wearing a beret and a black turtleneck, chain smoking Gitanes and reading Das Kapital, a film camera might be for you. Otherwise, digital is the way.


I fear that I am not heavily pierced, don't smoke and hopefully I am not too disturbed looking. On the other hand, I hold a ph.d. in physics which may, or may not, be related with a passion with "doing things by myself" and chemistry is an old passion. Developing film is a good way to set up a small lab

Thanks for the advice about digital: I know rather well the pros and cons (in terms of cost), even if I've been photographying only since 3 years.

My personal motive for trying film is the same for which I try to print as much as possible (with a canon pp9500 mk II): I feel that only a print is a real picture and that I am unable to fully appreciate an image if I see it only on screen.

That said, thanks for the advice about the age of the camera. I will check if it is an original model, an SL or an SL2. Do you think that the price is reasonable or it is probably overpriced?



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