I looked at 6 raw conversion programs today, and...

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Paul Spatafora Contributing Member • Posts: 930
Re: SilkyPix

I"ve been using Silkypix for more than 5 years and I love it for everything except for highlight recovery. It really sucks compared to Lightroom 4 and Capture 1 v7. LR4 colors are very challenging and not as good as C1 or SP5. There noise reduction is at par with LR4 but not as good as SP5. C1 has a much better WB tool compared to the other 2.

I'm starting to use C1 and I'm planning on switch to it. It has excellent skin tones, fantastic highlight recovery and the ability to use local layers. I wished Silkpix repaired the highlight recovery tool. I contacted them and never heard back from them. I also like the fact that C1 will allow you to use either the catalog feature or from a folder. LR4 also wants you to import everything and that's a pain.

Overall C1 is the best raw processor for now!


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