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Capture One 7 vignetting tool

dengx wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Are you certain vignetting is corrected in RAW mode? Most Nikon DSLRs for example correct only the JPEGs, and the RAW files, you need to use one of the Lightroom lens profiles, if available, to correct RAW optical aberrations.

The corrections that are calculated by Fujifilm are written into the RAF file and the RAW converter can (but doesn't have to) apply them.

Lightroom applies it automatically without the option to turn it off (or I didn't find one).

C1 applies automatically only the distortion correction but you can turn it off and you can also apply the vignetting correction (set it to 100%).


Not sure what you are talking about here?? C1 has 2 different sliders in lens correction: 1. Light Falloff that can be set from 0-120% and 2. Vignetting, which can be set to circular (for lens compensation) from EV -4 to EV +4

What 100% are you talking about here? Here is a screenshot of C1, set to the 2.4EV and circular. The second shot below has been corrected this way, the Light Falloff above goes from 0-120%!

Capture One 7.1 lens correction tool.

Here is a silly shot I took this morning to test the vignetting, the first shot uncorrected, that is imported into C1 then exported as an 1800px jpg, the second one corrected in vignetting as shown above:


Corrected as in the screenshot above @ +2.4EV

It looks to me that the 2.4EV vignetting described in the test is about right. Considering this I am amazed that people here thought this lens should have been rated much higher!

I still think this is an excellent lens, but can see the point re vignetting! 2.4EV is a lot!



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