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Re: Andrew, 0.1mL is a lot of ink???

Petruska wrote:

AusPic wrote:

That makes a whole lot more sense. I cant imagine 800 odd dots use up 39ml ink. So what that says a lot more clearly than I had hoped is that what we are dealing with here is a ROUTINE. We now come full circle to where I entered this dicsussion. I am not even going to go around again..I do not givea damn howmuch ink ends up on the paper, that is just so irrelevant its no longer funny.

Pinting a nozzle pattern is a routine and it uses a lot of ink, not a lot ends up on the paper.

If one that doesn't print a lot, prints a nozzle check once a week just to keep the the 3880 cartridges agitated, and nozzles unblocked, that's about 10 cents worth of ink per week, $5 USD/AUD per year. That's peanuts.....

Auto/manual cleans take about 10mL of ink each clean! Borderless printing wastes more ink per print than one nozzle check.

I print a nozzle check before and after each printing session just to make sure that I don't have any blocked nozzles which will waste a 13x19 print.

I don't understand what you mean by the nozzle pattern ROUTINE is wasting a lot of ink?

Bob P.

The 3880 enables users to forget about routines, unlike other Epson models.  After the first year of nozzle checking, and never having a bad pattern, I got lazy.  3 years later with no clogs I don't bother with nozzle checks accept once every few months to make sure.  I 've gone months without printing, never agitate the carts (some of which are original) and the machine just keeps on churning out great prints.

Forum members keep asking if a 3880 replacement is coming in the near future.  I would be afraid Epson would put some of their "newer" technology into the 3880 replacement making me want to stock up on the current model.  


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