G5 first impressions

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G5 first impressions

I recently purchased a new G5 to replace my GX1. It's not so much an upgrade, more of just a case of me wanting a different kind of camera. The GX1 is a fantastic camera with great IQ, it's well built and has lots of external control. When I first bought the GX1 I wanted the smallest camera I could without sacrificing too much IQ but after a while my priorities changed. I got a bit frustrated with just shooting from a fixed lcd screen. I picked up a G5 in a shop and well sometimes you know when the camera is right for you (like I did with the GX1 ;-)).

What I like about the G5

EVF: It has an eye level sensor, makes things easy when switching between screen and evf. It's big so it's easy to compose with and it sticks out a bit from the back of the camera so my nose doesn't get squashed up against the screen.

The articulating screen: Coming from a fixed screen camera this is fantastic. It opens up so many opportunities to be more creative. Of course you can still compose with a fixed screen at different angles but it's much more difficult.

My favourite thing about the G5 is its ergonomics. The GX1 was good for a small camera but it's still form over function. The G5 was purposely designed to be comfortable to hold. I have medium sized hands (I think) and it's perfect for my hands. I think if you have big hands it may actually be too small.

IQ: I didn't buy this camera for an upgrade in IQ which is probably just as well because I haven't really noticed any difference yet over the GX1. I haven't tested it though and I've read the DR has slightly improved which can only be a good thing. I liked the IQ with the GX1 so I like it also with the G5.

UI: It's similar to the GX1 so this wasn't much of a learning curve. Like with the GX1 it's easy to navigate and set the way you want it. There are many external controls.

What I don't like about the G5

Nothing yet but I haven't had it long.

The IQ is not as good as some other M43 camera but from the research I've done on the different M43 cameras I don't see a whole lot of difference in real world use and viewing normally. Of course just because I don't see it, doesn't mean there isn't a difference.

I bought the G5 with the panasonic 14-45mm which was more expensive but I feel it's worth it. I had the 14-42 with the GX1. The 14-45 doesn't feel as cheap and plasticky. It has a rubber zoom grip, metal mount and an external switch for the OIS (very convenient). The zoom is smoother, it doesn't feel as sticky as the 14-42. Plus I already had the 7-14 and 45-150, the 14-45 just fits better in my line up :-).

Here are couple of my first images with the G5 and 14-45 taken yesterday. JPegs with frames added in snapseed. In the second image I slightly boosted saturation and contrast.

Sorry for the lengthy post, hopefully it will be of some use to someone who considering buying a G5. C&C welcome on images. Thanks.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
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