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Re: My main settings

Sunshine_boy wrote:

Justaguy93 wrote:

Any tips you could share on getting the best out of it?


3. In contrasty situations, use the ADL facility. Set to LOW. You'll find it works fine but fades greens and yellows. Compensate in the AWB fine tune with one step towards magenta and one step towards blue. This 'restores' colors. All these can be set in one of the U modes for quick application.

4. For color modes I use standard with +1 sharpness and -1 saturation. Keep in 'Custom1' and use at all (normal) times. In hazy conditions use Standard with +1 sharpness or vivid (if you like it).


Also, I always shoot raw, but that's up to you if you are comfortable with it

As I only shoot in RAW too, I have always wondered wether the in-cam settings of contrast and saturation and the like influence the conversion process of a RAW-converter.

To clear this up, I set the cam to shoot NRW+jpeg, and took 3 shots of an identical subject (books in a shelf) under identical conditions, only varying contrast and saturation.

First shot:      contrast -3, saturation -3

Second shot: contrast  0, saturation  0 (the camera's default standard setting)

Third shot:    contrast + 3, saturation +3

I then opened each NRW file with ViewNX2, IrfanView, and FastStone Image viewer, and put the results together with the in-camera generated jpeg for comparison.

First shot (-3, -3)

Second shot (0, 0)

Third shot (+3, +3)

As one can see, the results within each setting are pretty much the same, with Irfanview and FastStone identical down to file size (strange!), and in-cam and NX2 being a bit more saturated.

For the further comparison with additional converters (DxO and Scarab) I used the in-cam jpeg.

First shot (-3, -3)

Second shot (0, 0)

Third shot (+3, +3)

DxO and Scarab provide the same result regardless of the contrast/saturation settings. This is more obvious in the following comparison, where the outputs of each program for the 3 different contrast/saturation settings are assembled.

DxO (-3, -3 / 0,0 /+3, +3)

Scarab (-3, -3 / 0,0 /+3,+3)

The three jpegs of each program are identical and based on the cam's standard setting "0" for contrast and saturation.

So, what is my conclusion? It looks like there is a basic data set that DxO and Scarab (and Capture One: I checked it for one picture) use. There are other data, describing the deviation from the standard set, and which NX2 takes into account. The small and identical file sizes of IrfanView and FastStone makes me suspect, that they aren't "real" converters, but just display somthing that is contained iin the complex of the RAW data anyway.

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