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JJ Winkel wrote:

I wonder if everybody here is aware that 1 ml = 1 cm3 is a lot of ink even if .1 ml is only one tenth of it that still is 100 mm3

The print history with a 3880 showing the amount of ink used is generated for the last 10 prints.  If a user prints 10 nozzle patterns, the ink usage number is measured to a 0.1mL resolution.  Does that mean it was ready to go from 0.0 to 0.1 in the next applied ink dot?  Or did it measure 0.06 and was rounded off to 0.1mL?

I really find this discussion rediculous and don't know how I got pulled into this.  Either you do a nozzle check once a week if you don't print a lot to keep your printer working fairly well, or you don't.

I have 6 printers and today, Saturday, I print a nozzle check with all 6.  4 printers haven't been used all week and and the nozzle checks tell me my status.  Jtoolman has 15 printers and he does the same thing.  We both refill our carts, we blow hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on printers, refillable cartridges, inks from various ink suppliers, various profiling equipment (I currently have 6 systems worth a few $K) and I'm going to worry about spending 10 cents per printer per week to run a nozzle pattern check.....oh, I use 3rd party ink so that's about 1.5 - 2 cents per nozzle check...OUCH!

Bob P.

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