New 80-400 what VR?

Started Mar 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: New 80-400 what VR?

Dan Brenner wrote:

It says Nikon AF-S 80-400 VR opposed to Nikon AF-S 70-200 VRII. Does this says that the new lens is equipped with first generation Nikon VR? The B&H web site writes about the 80-400 VR: "...allowing you to shoot at shutter speeds up to four times slower than would otherwise be possible". So is the the fourth VR generation? The latest? The best Nikon currently has? Or the same VR as on the old 80-400?

The "II" in AF-S 70-200 means this is version II of this lens. Whether VR is upgraded or not has nothing to do with "II".

The VR function in the new 80-400 VR is indeed advanced. It has 4 steps VR, Normal and Active mode, automatic detection of tripod vibrations which makes the VR function changing accordingly.

The lens itself looks very promising with nanocaoating, an impressive MTF chart and three focusing modes as well (A/M, M/A and M).

It has been some whining about focus breathing but who would use this lens for close ups? Probably very few if any would do that.

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