Incomplete prints Epson R3000

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Re: Incomplete prints Epson R3000

Zone8 wrote:

I don't have that specific model but a few years ago, had a similar unfathomable problem on my Epson 1160. Every so often - for no apparent reason - it did as you described. I found that if I used the Epson EasyPrint software the problem disappeared, so for quite some time, used that with success. One problem with that was printing any Duotone Mode work, it didn't work properly, so had to abandon that image mode when using the Epson software.

Eventually, I totally uninstalled (not just deleted) the printer AND deleted all files that were left on the computer for the printer (often an unistall will still leave folders and files - try that if removing Norton or McAfee, they both leave all their rubbish in their folders). Then downloaded latest (at the time) Suite from Epson, installed and everything was then working OK.

Not sure if that could help but might be worth trying. I also, manually, edited the Registry to seek and destroy (Ahem) all traces of the specific printer before the reinstall.

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Also just try to print from another app or simply for Windows Picture viewer to eliminate the possibility of something within LR.

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