Olympus TG-2 or Nikon AW110 or Panasonic TS-5????????

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Re: TG-2 vs Pentax WG-2...

Hi Ken,

while I agree that all of these cams have too much NR going on I rather have a bit more noise in the WG2 pics than the overagressive NR from the TG2.

Look at the samples at imaging resource from their review of the WG2 and TG1 (the TG2 tends to have the same jpeg engine).

These 2 pics share the same object. First the TG1. Be sure to look at the 100% magnification:


This pic is just bad, it even seems to be a bit out of focus.

And here the WG2:


Much better.

Look at these sample from Flickr and the TG2, the NR is awful, check the edges of the men's chest:



Like I said before, rather a bit noise than this. The WG2 is not bad according to the IR samples like:


Too much fringing but that is not bothering me (easy to fix in pp). The pic has plenty of detail in the centre.

The WG3 will have a different sensor, so the final verdict about quality is still to be seen... I like the output at 100% from the WG2 more than the pics from the TG1/2.

But you are right, the quality is still not the best from both cams. Maybe this is the price to pay for a rugged body.

I will def. buy one of these for diving in summer. It is not only about quality but also about having fun and the ability to take pics in the pool or even while diving. And than you will have pics which will bring memories...

Just my 2 cents...

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