SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

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Re: SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

Chris Mak wrote:

Zeiss versus Zuiko SHG
I had the 14-35f2 (and 35-100, 150), and the Sony counterpart fort hat is the Zeiss 24-70f2.8, but that is not a Zeiss lens I am familiar with.
The Zeiss manual focus lenses (the new ones), are mostly based on older designs, and it shows in many of their characteristics. I use five Zeiss primes now between 25 and 85 mm on 1.5 crop. Apart from the 14-35f2 going a bit wider, I still could not say what I would really prefer: the 14-35f2 on a high quality Sony sensored Olympus camera, or a corresponding collection of Zeiss primes.
The differences:
-The zuiko 14-35f2 is technically almost perfect, no vignetting, no CA (also no longitudinal CA or color fringing), sharp into the corners, sharp at f2, good bokeh. Good from near distance to infinity.

Great info for me to think about.

-The Zeiss lenses all have their special rendering, and are optimized for to do specific types of shooting extremely well, but at the cost of all round shooting. The 25/2.8, 28/2 and 35/2 are at their best at close to middle distances, but don’t resolve detail at far distances particularly well. Light transmission and color reproduction of the 28/2 and 35/2 are a good step ahead of the 14-35f2, especially color is amazing at times, and you can shoot these lenses into the dusk and still have wonderfull color. But then, they do suffer from (very mild on Apsc) vignetting, mild CA’s, some color fringing, field curvature (28/2), and of course no AF.
The only Zeiss lens that I have, that is as perfect as the 14-35/2, is the Makro planar 50/2, but then you are stuck at 50mm…

nice info

Nonetheless with a proper focussing screen (I have a modified Canon Ees screen), manual focus is not as hard as it might seem (due to f2), albeit not cut out for action shooting.
What they have in common:
-Superb build quality.
-High resolution, so they get better with each sensor resolution upgrade.
-similar value for money I would say.
-The something extra factor.

So what I'm getting from you on this is you prefer Zuikos AF over Zeiss AF.


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