Nikon releases their new GXR 28mm APSC

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Joel Stern
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Re: Just needs accessories to 'Ricoh-ize' it

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

madmaxmedia wrote:

Someone should really make a grip accessory for it that duplicates the GRD grip.

Twin adjustment dials would be nice too, but probably harder to implement.

The grip looks terrible.

My experience with Nikon compacts was a long while back but pretty terrible. I suppose they have improved. Revered for their dslr gear and lenses, but I found their still expensive attempt at a mid level with fixed zoom lens quite forgettable.

It might take me forever to get over it.

Nikon and Canon share a similar problem - middle of the road buyers enthused by their dslr product. They don't want to make a really good camera not dslr lest their dslr fans jump ship. Therefore their non-dslr lines are more cut down lifeboats with big flags rather than proper ships in their own right.

Other manufacturer without a big dslr base to protect can afford to be more innovative and release more photographer-friendly product. I think the aps-c fixed prime lens offering underwhelming on a closer look.

Probably sell like hot dogs to happy punters simply as "a Nikon" to those who would not be seen dead with a Ricoh in their hand. One might wonder if this is a pre-emptive strike at an as yet unknown Ricoh camera?

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Tom Caldwell

Tom, I would not read too much into this regarding Ricoh. As far as Nikon not wanting to take from their DSLR base, that would be just stupid for them, how many X100's are in the hands of Nikon DSLR users right now. My only issue is with the 28mm FL,I have enough of that even if not in APS-c. I also think the camera ergonomics looks to be a bit on the bad side, the grip does not look comfortable. Like the Sony RX100 the camera suffered from being a flat camera and I found that I put on a skin to help with grip, it did help but that camera for me was not interesting or fun to use.

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