How much would be too much for a 7DII?

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Re: Anything North of $2,400

tomrobins3d wrote:

A wild guess here!!

7D mark 2 will have

DUAL digic 5

10 or more FPS, may be 12 with an added grip

Doubt it, none of Canon's DSLRs as far as I know have had an increased frame rate by adding the grip.

16 MP, it may sound reduction but it decreases noise, and also increases speed..and I don't think it will go more than 18 anyway (Remember 1DX is only 18MP FF)

Can't see Canon decreasing the pixel count on the APS-C sensor.  If not 24mp, it will increase at least to 20.

ISO upto 102400 (native 25600)

two slots, 1 CF and 1 SD

45 points AF, because 61 point AF would need bigger optical arrays and i think it would spread more than the frame

AF up to F8

priced around 1600$

If it has wi-fi and/or gps as well as the specs above, I don't see the cost being less than $1,700.

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