Sri Lanka - done by the 600d + the double kit and the 10-22

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Re: Sri Lanka - done by the 600d + the double kit and the 10-22

TTMartin wrote:

A good photographer like this, knows their equipment, its strengths and its weaknesses, and how to use it to bring out the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

But, if everyone upgraded themselves as a photographer, instead of running out an buying the latest and greatest, camera companies would sell a lot fewer cameras.

I agree 1000%. Part of what made these photos so great was the compositions, finding good subject matter, and even just following some of the basics (like not shooting into the sun if you want good results) which some folks constantly ignore. The photographer deserves much credit also for his ability to 'see' photos worth taking in the first place, which is something that so many seem unable to do. They walk around with a camera in their hands looking for something to take pictures of and all they see are flowers and pigeons mostly. They point their lens at something and snap a picture.

I see people on the forums - all those I visit, which are several - quibbling about tiny differences between the old and new models of cameras, or even worse, actively begging and pleading "won't someone PLEASE post some shots by the new X500 camera? I am on the waiting list for one and can't wait to see how much better it is than my X495!"

Coming to a forum near you; in fact I know one offhand where it's going on big time right this minute.

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You don't TAKE a photo, you MAKE a photo.

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