Raw to jpeg?

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Re: Aftershot Pro or Lightroom or FastPictureViewer

Jim Cockfield wrote:


You can use it to rate images (one star, two stars, three stars, etc.) with a mouse click.

Then, just export your "keepers" as JPEG files to a separate folder (for example, only images that are rated 4 stars or higher).


You'll find lots of other products that work the same way.

Among that lot is FastPictureViewer Pro, which aims to solve the "1000 raws to 50 keepers problems" that many photographers face. It can do so using direct copy/delete, or ratings followed by batch operations (copy/move...) based on these. It can also makes JPEG "proof copies" of raws in batch so it seems to fit the original poster's bill. Only runs on Windows, though, or on Mac with the help of some Windows emulator so no luck for Linux users

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