will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

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Re: will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

nunatak wrote:

it stands to reason though that this must be a very costly alternative to the regular costly ED glass, or it would also be offered in their consumer line of lenses.

I wish some of the other posters here would get off of their butts and stand to reason.  Or reason at all.  I'll even add a winkie :-).

You're right that Nikon hasn't been forthcoming about it's own Super ED product.

Hoya FCD100 and Ohara S-FPL53 are the two lowest dispersion glasses commercially available and the price multiple I gave was for those materials.  Each has very similar properties to the artificial fluorite gemstones Canon uses.  Nikon is listed as an Ohara customer even though it owns its own glassworks (both legacy and acquired in the Hikari merger).  So I'm guessing that Nikon's material is about the same cost; otherwise they'd buy one of the others.

An 18x to 25x multiple makes it expensive, yes, but not ruinously so for an 80mm round.  Given that you can buy telescopes with 80mm S-FPL53 lenses for around $700, I put the manufacturer's cost of a Super ED element at around $150.  (Before grinding and coating).

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