Printing 3x4 photos

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Re: Printing 3x4 photos

Eddaweaver wrote:

If you use "3x4" or "2x3" notation to describe aspect ratios people will think you're talking about inches. 4:3 or 3:2 are the usual way they're described.

There are some places that do small 4:3 prints, at sizes such as 6x4.5", or 5.3x4" to fix 6x4" album sieves. More often a printer will allow you to pillarbox 4:3 images into a 6x4" print with white borders on either side.

Probably the easiest way to print 4:3 is on 6x8" which is widely supported and is 4:3.

The average person doesn't seem to care nor notice about such details as picture quality, aspect ratio and cropping so there has been little motivation from printer services to support the 4:3 aspect ratio used by the overwhelming majority of photographic devices.

Buying a 3:2 sensor camera overcomes the problem with 6x4" prints but correspondingly support for 6x9" is hard to find.

Do you happen to know which other paper sizes matches the 4:3 aspect ratio? So far I've only seen 6x8" and 9x12". I know 4:3 ratio paper sizes are rare in the US and I'm more likely to find 3:2 paper sizes.

Do you know of a company that have a good reputation like Mpix that prints 6x8"? The only 4:3 print sizes that Mpix offers is 9x12". Also, is it easy to find frames for 6x8" prints?

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