If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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Re: I like 28 a WHOLE lot more than 35, and I like the size

jfjal wrote:

No proper viewfinder - useless (for me at least).

Just coming back from a skiing trip, bringing my X100 has once again demonstrated that in sunny conditions, LCD-viewfinders are totally useless. One need a proper one - optical or electronic. I have seen this many times - also with so-called high quality ones. Same goes for iPhone.

Cameras w.o. proper viewfinders are for people living in the urban shadow.

Your use of the word "proper" before every utterance of the word "viewfinder" both suggests and confirms your bias. I'm glad you bothered to qualify the term "useless" with "(for me at least)". Obviously the Coolpix A is not for you!

But cameras without viewfinders (proper or not - I'm wondering what an improper viewfinder would look like?) are not only for people living in the urban shadow. I shoot a fair amount in the urban shadow and shoot a fair amount well outside of the urban shadow and I have cameras both with and without viewfinders and use both in a multitude of locations and lighting conditions. Its true that SOME rear screens are not of much use in bright sunshine, and most weren't until about 2-3 years ago, but others have gotten very very good in very very bright light. Sony has a whole range of them with a "sunny weather" setting that I've used in unbelievably bright sun without any problem at all. The OLED screen on my Olympus OMD has served me well in very bright light as well - as has its viewfinder. In fact, the X-Pro's rear screen has been pretty effective for me outdoors in bright weather and its OVF has also.

So I'd suggest its more about shooting preferences than what's proper or necessary (for a lot of us). I like shooting both with and without viewfinders, in all kinds of weather. Usually, but not always, I'm happier with a viewfinder for portrait length lenses and longer. In that middle ground from about 35mm up to about 90, I can go either way depending on what I'm trying to shoot. And for lenses with field of views wider than 35 I shoot FAR more without one than with one. Sometimes if I have one I'll use it for more sedentary shooting, but rarely, and I've never missed one when I didn't have it, at least since the bad old days when LCD screens really WERE pretty useless in bright sun.

For a very small 28mm camera with excellent image quality and shooting characteristics, the viewfinder is the last thing I'd be concerned about. Your mileage obviously will vary, but that's all its about - personal preference - not proper or improper...


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