interesting fuji lens compared to nex

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Re: interesting fuji lens compared to nex

GaryW wrote:

Dennis wrote:

GaryW wrote:

This really cuts to the core of the problem. If you're charging twice as much but not getting twice the value....

I wouldn't call it a problem. 70-200/2.8's don't offer 10X the value of 55-200 kit zooms to most people, yet sell in quantities that apparently make their manufacturers happy. Value is subjective; you just have to find enough people who find value in your product. The Fuji X system is something of a niche product. NEX isn't right for everyone either; it's just right for more people.

If Fuji can make money selling to a niche market, and those people are happy with it, I don't have a problem with it. I agree, it just seems like a niche market, and for an "average" enthusiast, I think the Sony way is a bit more practical. But the Fuji isn't a 70-200/2.8, and if its advantage is slim and price high, I do think that the value can be questioned, as the other poster suggested.

Well, at $700 versus $300, without a significant speed advantage, you're right that the value proposition is a little unclear.  It's going to be better built (based on the Fuji X lenses I was able to try incl 18-55) ... that wouldn't sway many people to spend $700.  And presumably the optics will be better, but how much and how many people care that much ?  AF speed is unknown - the 18-55 (Fuji) is actually a surpringly fast focusing lens.  Time & reviews will help spell out the value difference.  While I'm sure there's a small subset of NEX owners who would love the option of the $700 slightly faster, better built, (theoretically) sharper lens, I wonder if there are many Fuji owners (or potential Fuji owners) who would love the option of less expensive lenses.  (Oh wait - I'm using the 18-55 price ... I'm not sure if the 55-200 price is known yet though I doubt it's going to be less than the 18-55).

- Dennis

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