D800 Left AF UK repair experience

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Re: Refund/Replacement/Refurbished . . .

Pete Silver wrote:

I have had my D800 since last April and it has been back to Nikon UK once last May. When I got it back I rechecked all my lenses with Focal and now the AF fine tune is in the plus range.

At the Focus show last Monday I bought the Nikon 50mm 1.8 G lens. Tried it out - not happy. Calibrated the lens in Focal and gives me +16. Redid the test and now goes off scale, unable to focus with it.

I have returned the lens to Calumet and they will have a look. My argument with Nikon is that in the manual it states than you should never need to adjust fine tune to anything other than zero.

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Pete Silver

Many people on the forums "stated" their D800/e are perfect, great built quality, outstanding "weather resistant", no AF issues, no 10-pin issues, no green tint on LCD, no problem whatsoever etc.  They are so lucky compare to some of us.

While well aware of the "potential" challenges, I bought my D800e for its resolution and dynamic range last week, and a 50/1.4g.  My D800e has good IQ and DR, weak construction, poor sockets quality, green tint LCD, back focus but uniform across left-center-right (so no left AF issue?).

But for a "budget" $3,000, I am "satisfied".  My expectation is way below zero, Peter. That makes me a lucky guy. Out shooting.


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