SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

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Re: SHG/HG VS Zeiss ?

Jeepit wrote:

Which one do you feel is the better lens, in terms of sharpness, value for your $, lens build and overall quality?

Hi Jeepit,

I think, your question needs to be more specific. I´m using an E5 with SHG Lenses 7-14, 14-35.

I also use the Zuiko Digital 2.0 50 mm and the 50 - 200 mm HG lenses.

I sold my HG 12-60 a couple of months ago because of its very tricky distortion.

I do own a couple of Olympus OM manual lenses as well, for example:

OM shift 3.5 35 mm, not really useable, very soft, not sharp, used to be one of my favourites in the OM days

OM 1.4 50 mm, quite good

OM 2.0 50 mm, great performer, almost better than its digital equivalent

OM 2.0 90 mm,  very nice telephoto lens, superb bouquet

OM 2.8 135 mm, it´s  o.k., a bit soft, not as good as 50-200 HG

OM 4.0 200 mm, nice and sharp

OM 4.5 300 mm, considered to be only standard, works great on E5

One of my standard lenses is an adapted Contax Zeis Distagon 2.8 28 mm. Compared to my 12-60 at 28 mm it is much sharper, one of the sharpest lenses I´ve ever used. Compared to my 14-35 I would say, they are more ore less on on the same level (at 28 mm). Mechanically a fine lens.

I used an adapted 2.8 135 Carl Zeiss as well for a while, not better as my Olympus OM 2.8 135 mm.

So in my opinion, it depends, what you want, but there ist no such answer as SHG/HG is generally better than . . ., my recommendation: try to test the lenses you intend to use an decide after these tests.

Regards dsom

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