D800 Left AF UK repair experience

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Re: A question

Leonard doesn't know much about autofocus. His reasonings are flawed, and up to now he has failed to bring any evidence on the table. He structurally avoids questions he can't answer. He is not capable to translate the statements of page 100 to real-life situation.

You do not seem to follow guidelines, do you

Posting untrue insults does little to progress the topic.

My post 6441, a detail I post about once a month, is a reasonable evidence for some.

I do not understand your comment about page 100. If autofocus is not accurate with low contrast subject, with subjects containing objects at different distances within the focus point, with geometric pattern subjects, with high contrast edges, with a small subject in front of a large object, or with a very fine detail subject, as page 100 cautions can happen, surely any competent photographer will realise further testing with a better subject is wise before concluding lens or camera might have a fault

From time to time I go into detail as to why any one of the six types of subject might result in poor autofocus accuracy. That aside the technical reasons as to why autofocus might sometimes fail are secondary to Nikon confirming sometimes they are capable of failing.

Digressing slightly the page 100 guidance has changed little since I started using Nikon autofocus cameras in 1999.

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Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

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