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For people with less than perfect eyesight, composing and shooting at arm length is sometimes frustrating if not next to impossible. No matter how good and bright the LCD screen is, except for using camera on tripod in Live View mode and image review, there is no advantage of LCD screen over good viewfinder. No amount of adapting on user part will change that IMHO.

Why keep people saying that using an LCD screen requires holding the camera at arm lenght?

That's nonsense.

And one of the greatest advantages of an LCD over a viewfinder is the freedom it allows when composing an image: the freedom of not having your eye glued to the viewfinder can be very liberating.

Exactly. The new generation of photographers (13-16 years old), who use a lot smart-phones, know perfectly how to frame with the phone's screen. The future of reportage is also in this way since Reuters and big info agencys rely more and more (and bet on the future) of "smart-phone" reportage. Dpreview have done some articles about that some months ago.

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You mean the 13-16 year olds eho have 13-16 year old eyes? I have 40+ year old eyes, and I need mild reading glasses. So if I'm trying to focus using the LCD, I really need to wear glasses - but then everything over 1m away is blurred. On the other hand, with a viewfinder, no problem. And with a viewfinder (optical or electronic) with a diopter correction, even better.

With the DP2M handheld, I tend to select a focus point using the LCD, but frame and shoot with the VF. Works for me, usually, especially at f5.6 or smaller. On s tripod the LCD with MF magnification is fine.

I would not buy a DP3M without a VF...personally

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