Timelapses in 4K. Eastern Kentucky

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Re: Timelapses in 4K. Eastern Kentucky

Eric Stemen wrote:

celloandrew, Having a local musician would have been great, but as you guessed I was lazy and just wanted to get the video out. Do you know of any sites were I can find local artists by area for future works? I've got a timelapse project of Louisville, KY that has been in the works since last February and I do have a local group that I was able to use some of their work for. Just waiting on the trees to start blooming again to get 20 or so more shots. The only plus side to the stock music was I could make the song whatever length I wanted and cut to the beats. But thank you for your comments and I will for sure keep them in mind for the future.


I'm excited to see your Louisville project!  There are a few places I would recommend going for musicians.  A call to the local musicians union would likely yield the highest caliber players, but you would expect to pay accordingly.  My next bet would be to contact the music school at a nearby university.  Students are often very eager for this sort of work and offer a high creativity/cost ratio (often, a free dinner will do).  Finally, I would not hesitate to put up a post on Craigslist or throw some fliers up at coffee shops, especially if you are looking for more of the singer-songwriter type.



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