Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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As I don't use the lens most responsible for that issue, it's not a problem for me. If you think it may be a problem then use Oly's 7-14 instead, or the 9-18. Quite frankly, you're making an awfully big deal out of a fairly uncommon quirk that shows up predominantly with one lens. You aren't going to get rid of flare. You yourself stated that.

I seen some images when the camera took pictures with no lens and it had the purple hue when the sensor was exposed to off axis light. I don't know what lenses, it appears to be a problem with the camera. Some lenses exacerbate the problem more than others.

Just about any current camera from Nikon or Canon. If you don't know why you need a flash, I am not going to tell you.

If you weren't so ignorant about the camera you're bagging, you'd have known the OM-D has a flash. It also has a touchscreen.

Sorry for my ignorance, I did not think it had a built in flash because any flash added to the shoe is going to make it bigger than the Canon T4i and you would have to carry around a flash. I did not know it had a touchscreen. I would have expected it on a camera that is more expensive than the Canon but I was not sure.

Err no. I'm not "malcontent" I simply presented my reasons as to why I chose mirrorless. The fact that you can't accept my reasons is hilarious. I'm sorry you can't handle the fact that other people have different priorities or that the features you place so much value on don't matter so much to others. Let me just point out that I'm not the one describing people as duped, malcontent, etc just for explaining their camera choice.

I accept you have a different choice, I think I said I was happy for you.

If only opinions mattered.

They do, to the individual that holds them.

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