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Re: educate us then

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Kirk Tuck wrote:

Can we please have some topics here in "professional photography" where we actually discuss advertising photography? Architectural photography? Corporate photography?

Sure - start a thread anytime you want.
I've shot a wee bit of 'commercial' - it's a field I don't know. I started with weddings and do sports leagues and seniors and a bit of family/baby stuff.
I've been a PPA member, been to their schools. They've offered 'commercial' classes and usually cancel them due to lack of attendance/interest.
I'm up for learning what/how to do it. The few commercial photogs I know don't make a living at it here.
I DO know until I lowered my prices to consumer levels I got NO commercial work around here. Could be the commercial clients in my area, I can't say.

Commercial as in - this year - copied some prints/negs from 1990 for a retirement tribute. $35.
Shot 4 poses in a dr's office for their ad campaign, some print, some web. $250

Shot a product for web for a medical company. $200. They got 5 images, shot on white and cut out.
I shot a christmas party for a non profit, third year, 4 hours, all the pics (worth having) and dinner, $600.

I"ve charged $125 for headshots to my 'christmas party' client in the past(also did the copy job for them) chose another photog for their updated headshots. I never even got a call for a quote.
I'm doing no marketing - the web brought me the one 'medical' job this year and the other I shot her kids in little league (she got a new job after relocating here).
I'm not on a coast nor an urban market (on the outskirts, fairly rural). So i'm not gonna get top dollar (As in $2k/day). Those I know that have charged that in the past don't get much work anymore.
Educate me - or direct me to books/classes/workshops where I can learn what I need to know to enter this market properly.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me of course)

You have to figure what your niche is, I suggest reading PDN and even going back issue by issue for a few years, see who is hot, what they are doing, awards issues, etc...

And to be fair, most who are really doing well just don't frequent here so info does not get shared and can you really blame them? It's a tough, *tough* world out there for most photographers, all of us for that matter, you are constantly battling web born hype and perception. I am doing well because I am bucking and setting trends in a niche I really need to keep to my self in order to actually keep it *for* my self.

So I guess I should question why I would even post here. Maybe the answer is the basic premise that while many are closing shop, selling gear, not all are so you have to figure out how to not only move your business forward, but move the notion that pros with loads of raw talent will always be in demand...forward.

The innovation in photography does not lie in the next DSLR or competitive products and's lies in pairing mind blowing vision with a niche that you love to do.

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