Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.

Mjankor wrote:

I find more they are always trying to justify their purchase especially when it is lower end to just about everything else out there.. I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

Keep backtracking. You spent most of the posts in our discussion insulting me and berating me about my choice of camera. I've been called duped,

Duped into thinking the quality is as good as a Nikon/Canon, Yes, I did say that. If you feel berated you that is your feelling.

fanboy, told I made a bad choice

It is a bad choice is you are not looking for purple in the pictures, same as a D600 for someone who does not want dust spots.

and apparently, calling you out for your bad behaviour means I'm "trying to justify my purchase".

Fanboys justify their purchase all the time, when they pay too much, the system has flaws, etc.

All I did was present in a single post, a situation where mirrorless is a good option. A situation based on my experiences, and you went absolutely bananas over it.

Pointing out the system is not that much smaller, has a purple flaws and that sales are decreasing in the US is going bananas seems like you are going bananas.

Nice to see some civilised discussion going on here. Shame you're not part of it.

My conversation has been very civil. I do state facts and when I do, I am told I am going bananas. No... I think you are the one not part of the civilized conversation.

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