Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.

Mjankor wrote:

You are not interested in FF because you are not interested in quality of IQ or any pro level features. Understandable. I do not criticize you for that but really a camera phone can do most of it and back to my point mirrorless gets lost between camera phone and Nikon Canon crop and FF cameras.

Oh, so now I'm also not interested in IQ, or pro level features. A camera phone would be a better instrument for me?

I am suggesting the reason for the decline in mirrorless in America is that a camera phone would be better for portability and a Canon Nikon would be better for more advanced photography and that the mirrorless slips between the cracks.

But you have no answer to that because the decline part is a fact. It is fact that mirrorless is somewhere between camera phone and Canon/nikon cameras. Fact that you defend Oly when is has purple issues is because you are a fanboy. That is ok too but there are not enough fanboys to keep mirrorless alive, I think it will slip away like the 110 film of years gone by.

And I'm a fanboy too?


All these lovely insults simply because you can't consider alternatives objectively.

Calling you a fanboy is a fact, not an insult. I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

I'd have thought someone who is rude

Sorry, not rude, just the facts maam and the fact is mirrorless cameras decline in the US

who amplifies issues, such as the purple flare far beyond any meaning and who cannot even put forth an objective viewpoint is far closer to the definition of a fanboy.

All I said is I would not own a camera that would produce purple flare, some people wouldn't own a D600 because of cleaning spots (although you can clean the spots as a work around) but they are both with defects, it is not amplifying the issue, just stating it exists and that I would not own a camera that produces it.

Have you noticed how I haven't even attempted to belittle you because of your camera choice. I don't even know what camera you use. It doesn't worry or interest me.

Your camera does not worry or interest me. I made a point as to why decline in sales in the US of mirrorless.

Why does someone explaining why they chose a mirrorless system

Who really cares why, I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

, without attempting to denigrate other camera formats, result in such a defensive reaction from people such as yourself?

I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

Why would you even find it worth arguing, much less insulting, someone because of their choice of camera?

I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

Of course, I'd have thought that one of the most defining features about "fanboys" is that they're always trying to convert others to their cause. Ring any bells, Richard?

I find more they are always trying to justify their purchase especially when it is lower end to just about everything else out there.. I was discussing the decline of sales in the US of mirrorless.

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