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Re: Sony vs. Canon....

I saw the two pictures you selected and I am pretty sure you did rather select favourites of yours or the couple. While both pictures are quite ok they are not great from a technical perspective - no offence meant. I could not help but wonder what the professional photos were like.

On the other side I know the difference of taking pictures professionally for money and for fun for my best friends. I would give some 50 well prepared pictures to my friends where I invested several hours to make them good looking. On an average pay job I usually did not get the kind of money to put as much effort in post processing of all the images. Usually just sselecting the good ones, doing some prints, preparing some special images, preparing the shooting, presenting the results, etc. just eats up a regular budget the average people are willing to pay.

So yes, if I do it for fun I usually get few but really stunning results due to a very high effort for every single shot. If I do it professionally I have the full event covered, have all essential shots in and can even supply some outstanding shots but the average quality might not be as good due to time/budget constraints.

But so. Wow, 6000 pictures. I would have to have a really high budget (and an assistant) to do that - or many, many guests like at an oriental wedding. Maybe the professionals did deliver all 6000 images unfiltered. I did this once a long time ago and learnt from that mistake.

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