Just used a Spyder3. How do I know that my monitor is properly calibrated?

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Re: Just used a Spyder3. How do I know that my monitor is properly calibrated?

What software did you get with the Spyder3?  Is it the Express, Pro, or Elite?

If it is either the Pro or Elite then you will get the best, longest lasting, and more reliable calibration if you use the Advanced mode and manually adjust the monitor brightness, contrast, and individual R, G, & B values.

Open the calibration software then use the Go/Preferences command to open the Preferences pop-up window.  Click on Advanced Settings and select Advanced and Show RGB Sliders as an option in the Identify Color Controls screen.  Click on the OKs to get back to the main screen.

Now when you calibrate you will see a graph in the upper right hand corner showing the current setting and correct range for the manual adjustments.  Just below the right hand corner of the information box is where you click to get a new reading.

Once you adjust all the manual controls so that the settings fall withing the correct range the software will take over and finish the color calibration.

How do you know if it is correct?  The best way I know is to buy a ColorChecker Passport, photograph it, run the image though the software to produce a color correction profile for either Photoshop ACR or Lightroom, color correct the image of the Passport, then visually compare the screen image with the actual Passport, which must me illuminated by the right color temperature lighting with a brightness that makes it appear to be about as bright as the screen.

If all this sounds complicated it is, but it is basically what you have to do.  There just aren't any real shortcuts.

By the way, I use a Passport with almost every photo shoot.  Even in a studio setting with the same light set up I use the Passport if it has been more than a month since the lights can change slightly as they age.  If color control is important then the Passport is one of the best investments you can make.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport – X-Rite Photo – X-Rite Passport

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