How can I determine what a bad sector affects?

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Re: How can I determine what a bad sector affects?

skyglider wrote:

If the number of a bad sector on a spinner hard drive is known, is there any way to determine what is affected by the bad sector?

The sector number is in the form nnn,nnn,nnn, a 9 digit number. It is revealed when doing a full backup.

Malch, Scokill and Jim,

Thanks for your responses.

The backup program used is Acronis TrueImage 8, full backup of a Seagate IDE spinner done by a friend on his P4 PC.  My plan is to run Seagate's Seatools to determine the condition of the drive.  If it looks like only one sector (or a group of sectors in the same spot) is bad, then I'll do a long format and restore the backup.  If the test indicates that the drive is getting marginal, then I'll give him a used good Seagate IDE drive that I have.

When he did a backup a few days ago, Acronis indicated a bad sector and retries wouldn't work so he did an "ignore" error and the backup completed successfully.

The current question is what data is affected by the bad sector.

  1. If we know that, and the data is not important, then we can long format the drive and then restore the last backup with the ignored error. 
  2. If the data is important, then he can save all important data that was saved since his last "error free" backup, do a long format of the drive, and then restore his last "error free" backup.

So I just want to find out what that bad sector affects so we can decide on which course of action to take.  If we can't find what is affected by the bad sector, then I'll help him do step-2.


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