Mirrorless cameras part 2.

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Re: Mirrorless cameras part 2.

Mjankor wrote

As if m4/3 lenses offer any upgrade path to a larger sensor camera.

Yeah, but there's no issues of commitment to m4/3s. If I were an APS-C user I'd be slightly concerned about FF moving into prosumer territory and APS-C moving down to entry level.

We won't look at what happens when we add a long lens for wildlife.

If you want something with a larger aperture, you're out of luck with m4/3.

So faster than an f5.6 on a 400mm (assuming we're still sticking to the Canon). Yeah, not interested thanks.

Yes but many people may want that, in every example the other poster stated in this post you said oh but the canon/nikon/sigma lens is not wide or telephoto enough because it wasn't exactly what the Oly lens was. So of course, it will never be good for you.

You are not interested in pro glass, understandable you do not purchase pro camera or even semi pro like the Canon and Nikon, Oly is a step above point and shoot and a bunch of steps below Canon and Nikon offerings another reason for the decline in the US.

You are not interested in FF because you are not interested in quality of IQ or any pro level features. Understandable. I do not criticize you for that but really a camera phone can do most of it and back to my point mirrorless gets lost between camera phone and Nikon Canon crop and FF cameras.

But you have no answer to that because the decline part is a fact. It is fact that mirrorless is somewhere between camera phone and Canon/nikon cameras. Fact that you defend Oly when is has purple issues is because you are a fanboy. That is ok too but there are not enough fanboys to keep mirrorless alive, I think it will slip away like the 110 film of years gone by.

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